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Facilities Maintenance

Even the most cleverly-designed branding needs to be kept in perfect condition if it is to give customers the right impression about your business. 

Principle provides high-quality, cost-effective property and facilities maintenance services to ensure your premises continue to make the right kind of visual impact.

Our network of repair specialists across the UK, Ireland and Europe can respond quickly to any problems you may encounter and will also carry out a regular programme of preventative maintenance work.

We can deliver fast and reliable maintenance services across a range of products and environments, including audio and access, queue management systems, fabric, lighting, health and safety signage, and commercial cleaning and restoration.

For full details about the services, visit the Principle Facilities Maintenance website



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Principle's maintenance services ensure branded environments stay in presentable shape.
Principle can maintain branded environments in retail chains.
Principle can maintain and repair interior and exterior signage.
Principle's network of repair specialists can respond quickly to problems.
Principle's maintenance services include repairing and cleaning signage.
Principle can maintain and repair any sort of branded environment.
Principle supplies signage maintenance services.
Principle can repair and maintain signage without causing major disruption to clients.
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